Papua New Guinea Vessel Ancillary Charge

16th December 2013


Swire Shipping has completed a review of the Vessel Ancillary Charge, where it was identified that a number of stevedoring and port costs have increased following our last review in 2012. In line with these increases, Swire Shipping wishes to advise that our Vessel Ancillary Charge will be increased by 12% to recover these changes.
Revised levels as follows:

Vessel Ancillary Charge (VAC)

20’ FCL: : PGK 211.00 /teu
40’ FCL : PGK 422.00 /feu
Break-bulk : PGK 10.83 /rt
LCL : PGK 10.83 /rt

The revised charges will be applicable from the following voyages onwards:

PNG Imports

  • Kwangtung v1401N
  • Hansa Nordberg v1401S
  • Ningpo v1323N
  • Shaoshing v1319S
  • Nanchang v1324S

PNG Exports

  • Hansa Nordberg v1401N
  • Nanchang v1324N
  • Ningpo v1323N
  • Shaoshing v1319S
  • Changsha v1401S
  • Kwangtung v1401S
  • Fernando v1401S

These charges will be applied to all cargo and are subject to adjustment.

We appreciate your continued support. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our local Sales Representatives.

Yours sincerely,

Trade Management
Swire Shipping