Papua New Guinea Equipment Handling Charge (EHC) review

30th June 2012

Papua New Guinea Equipment Handling Charge (EHC) review

Dear Valued Customers,

We have completed a review of the Equipment Handling Charge costs since its introduction more than two years ago.

The review has determined our costs have increased significantly where it is apparent we cannot continue to absorb the increases, which are mainly driven from the high inflationary pressures faced in Papua New Guinea over the past few years.

Accordingly we have now revised our Equipment Handling Charge (EHC) and have been able to limit the increase to PGK35/teu. With effect of vessels arriving on or after the 15th of July the below recoveries will apply for all equipment types in all ports:

Equipment Handling Charge (EHC)
20’ FCL: PGK 385.00
40’ FCL: PGK 616.00

We appreciate your continued support. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our local Sales Representatives.

Yours sincerely

Trade Management
Swire Shipping