Vessel Name Changes

Vessel Name Changes

Dear Valued Customers

The China Navigation Company, the deep-sea shipping arm of the Swire group, was established in

1872. Many of the ships were named after ports on the China coast and the Yangtze River and it has

been decided that the current fleet, including vessels operating in the Swire Shipping liner services,

will assume their traditional names as follows:

Current Vessel Name New Vessel Name Date for name change Change at port

Pacific Voyager           Chekiang              9-11 Nov 2011                 Mapthaput

Pacific Mariner            Changsha            19-21 Nov 2011                Mapthaput

Pacific Explorer           Chengtu               12-14 Dec 2011               Mapthaput

Pacific Discoverer        Chenan                 Jan-12                            Guangzhou

Pacific Java                  Hunan                3rd week April 2012          China port - TBA

Pacific Flores              Hupeh                 Mid Feb 2012                    Melbourne

Pacific Celebes           Hoihow               end Mar 2012                  China port - TBA

Pacific Makassar        Hangchow           end Nov 2011                  Shanghai

Tasman Mariner          Kwangsi              7-Nov-11                          Shanghai

Tasman Provider         Kwangtung         12-14 Dec 2011              Singapore

Tasman Endeavour      Kweichow         19-21 Nov 2011              Sri Racha

Tasman Commander    Kweilin              14-16 Dec 2011              Sri Racha

* Please note that exact dates are subject to change.

In recognition of our long term commitment to serving customers and ports throughout Papua New

Guinea, the five Miho class vessels currently deployed on the Australia to Papua New Guinea and

Solomon Islands service will retain their 'Chief' suffix.

Vessels currently in the Swire Shipping fleet which are chartered from third party owners will be

unaffected by this change.

The changes to the vessel names will be reflected on schedules from week 45. For name changes

occurring mid-voyage, these will be denoted with an asterisk (*) on the schedule. Where it has been

planned for a vessel to be renamed mid-voyage, all documents issued to you will reflect the name of

the vessel at the time of loading. This will not affect cargo clearance at the destination.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this will affect you, please contact a Swire Shipping

representative or your local agent. Swire Shipping would like to take this opportunity to thank you for

your continued support.

Trade Management
Swire Shipping