Trans Tasman Xmas Schedule

Trans Tasman Service Schedule Update

We wish to advise that the Tasman Spirit is scheduled for a routine dry docking in January 2012. The affected voyage is 1201 ETD Melbourne late December and Auckland mid/late January, while it was our intention to deploy a replacement vessel for this voyage the timing of delivery is such that the v1201 will now not take place either Eastbound or Westbound.

The v1201 was scheduled to take place during the post festive season period when the majority of exporters have been through holiday shut down and are just ramping up production. In order to reduce the impact for exporters we are bringing the subsequent voyage, Tasman Star 1202 ahead and she will now depart Melbourne 3rd January and Auckland 18th January which is very close to the v1201 dates. We apologize if this schedule change causes any inconvenience.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact your local Swire Shipping representative or our Customer service department on 0800 947 947 in New Zealand and 1300 550 505 in Australia.

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