IMDG Code Amendment 35 - Vehicles with combustion engine, fuelled with

petrol or diesel to be declared as hazardous cargo

Swire Shipping would like to advise our customers regarding an IMDG Code rule change that

became effective January 1, 2012. Articles with an internal combustion engine will fall within the

scope of the IMDG Code and must be notified to carriers as dangerous goods, UN 3166, Class 9.

A dangerous goods declaration and document will be required.

UN 3166 can apply to a wide range of articles including cars, vehicles, plant, boats and any

equipment with an internal combustion engine that has either a connected battery or fuel tank

containing flammable liquid (petrol or diesel) or flammable gas such as propane.

For IMDG/ADR hazard classification UN 3166, Class 9, Special Provisions 312, 356 and 962 are

applicable in the IMDG Code and assist in determining the classification requirements for various

types of equipment. Special Provision 961 describes technical measures that can be taken to

neutralize the hazard of fuel and batteries and allow the articles to be consigned as nonhazardous,

which involves isolating the battery and removing the fuel from the tanks.

To provide further details we have attached the Special Provisions 312, 356, 961 and

962 from the IMDG Code Amendment 35 and the Dangerous Goods List on the following pages.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact your local Swire Shipping representative.

Swire Shipping