BHI Improved Service Frequency

10thNov 2016

Improved Service Frequency & Port Coverage – North Asia & Pacific Islands

Swire Shipping is pleased to announce the upgrade of its North Asia to Pacific service in November 2016.

  • Enhanced service frequency with direct sailings to/ from North Asia to the South Pacific every 21 days.
  • Inclusion of direct calls at New Caledonia and Kaohsiung (Taiwan).
  • Fastest transit in the market from Mainland China to Tarawa, Majuro, Fiji, American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga.

The enhanced service will deploy three new eco-friendly Chief-Class multipurpose vessels which will provide additional capacity and improved cargo handling flexibility.

These vessels have been specially designed for their unique high speed cargo handling ability and the versatility to carry a wide range of cargo types including dry and refrigerated containers, heavy-lift plant machinery and equipment and project parcels.


Additional benefits

  • Increased connectivity for Island cargoes from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to Santo, Tarawa and Majuro via New Caledonia.
  • Additional sailings from North Asia to New Caledonia of up to four sailings per month.
  • Increased connectivity for Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga cargo from Australia and South East Asia via Fiji.
  • Enhanced connections for cargoes from the USA and Canada to Tarawa, Majuro, New Caledonia and Santo via Fiji and Apia.
  • Faster feeder connections over Kaohsiung to Asian destinations for exports from the South Pacific.

The North Asia to Pacific service will become effective from Coral Chief v1619S, ETD Yokohama 14 November 2016


Port Rotation

Qingdao / Busan / Yokohama / Majuro / Tarawa / Lautoka / Suva / Pago Pago / Apia / Nuku’alofa / New Caledonia /Santo / Tarawa / Majuro / Kaohsiung / Qingdao


Transit Times

Northbound   Southbound  
Suva * Kaohsiung *
Pago Pago 4 Qingdao 3
Apia 6 Busan 7
Nuku'alofa 9 Yokohama 10
New Caledonia 11 Majuro 19
Santo 14 Tarawa 21
Tarawa 19 Lautoka 26
Majuro 24 Suva 27
Kaohsiung 32 Pago Pago 31
Qingdao 36 Apia 33
Busan 39 Nuku'alofa 36
Yokohama 44 New Caledonia 40
    Santo 44


For more information on this service upgrade, please contact your local Swire Shipping representative.


Swire Shipping