Revision to Solomon Islands Terminal Handling Charges

25th January 2016

Revision to Solomon Islands Terminal Handling Charges

Dear Valued Customers,

This announcement is made with reference to Swire Shipping’s circular dated 11th September 2015 regarding Solomon Islands Port Charges.

In 2015, the Solomon Islands Port Authority (SIPA) issued an extraordinary gazette outlining increased and additional Solomon Islands Port Tariff charges effective 1st September 2015. Swire Shipping were left with no alternative at the time but to reflect these increased costs in a revised set of Terminal Handling Charges (THCs).

Swire Shipping have conducted a thorough review of the actual impact of the revised and additional SIPA charges since their introduction in September 2015. This review has found that the actual cost impact of the increases was greater than anticipated at the time they were announced. As a result, Swire Shipping will be conducting a further review to the current Solomon Islands Terminal Handling charges.

Please be advised that with effect from 1st March 2016, the following THCs will apply to all cargo shipped to/from the Solomon Islands:

New THC per unit



20’ Container

SBD 4,338.00

SBD 2,226.00

40’ Container

SBD 8,676.00

SBD 4,452.00


SBD 119.00

SBD 82.00

Please contact your local Swire Shipping representative for more information.

Yours sincerely,

Swire Shipping