The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo) is committed to creating a Zero Harm workplace for all its sea staff and in doing so strictly controls drugs and alcohol on board its ships.

CNCo will:

  • Instantly dismiss any person in breach of its Drugs & Alcohol Policy.
  • Ensure all seafarers on CNCo’s ships are screened for drug and alcohol abuse during their pre-employment and routine medical checks.
  • Carry out random unannounced drug and alcohol testing for all crew members.
  • Prohibit the misuse of prescribed drugs, or the use, possession, trafficking, or sale of illicit or un-prescribed controlled drugs on board CNCo ships.
  • Strictly control the sale of alcohol consumed on board by only allowing purchases to be made from the Master’s bond which will consist of beer and wine only. No spirits will be allowed to be consumed on board.
  • Strictly prohibit bringing on board any alcohol obtained ashore.
  • CNCo will ensure compliance with this Policy by:
    • Limiting the consumption of alcohol to two beers or two glasses of wine per 24 hours per crew member.
    • Prohibiting the consumption of alcohol for a period of 4 hours prior to any scheduled duty or work period.
    • Restricting the consumption of alcohol on board its ships to the Bar, Lounge, Mess Rooms or other common areas.
    • Encouraging the consumption of alcohol-free drinks and low alcohol beer.


James Woodrow

Managing Director


Social Media Policy
1. Background
This China Navigation Social Media Policy is intended to provide all employees both at sea and in our offices (collectively, “Employees”) of China Navigation with a basic policy on the use of social media.
Social media is a valuable, easy-to-use service and tool. However, using it in the wrong way may not only damage business confidence in China Navigation and the China Navigation image in the global shipping and maritime markets, but could even lower confidence so far as to endanger China Navigation’s existence as a company.
In times of a crisis for China Navigation either via a vessel we manage or another asset in difficulty in a situation which may attract public/media attention, social media must be used with the utmost care and discretion.
For the purpose of compliance, China Navigation has established the China Navigation “Code of Conduct” prescribing our basic concept for fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and based upon the China Navigation Code of Conduct prescribing our guidelines for corporate and employee actions. These concepts are outlined in our employee handbook for all crew and shore staff.
2. Social Media Policy
2.1 Scope
Every Employee of China Navigation both at sea or ashore, regardless of his/her organizational unit or form of employment, will comply with the following:
2.2 To realize that what is said as a private person may be understood as spoken on behalf of China Navigation
  • To remember that he/she is an Employee of China Navigation and take care not to mislead his/her readers/followers into thinking that he/she is speaking on behalf of China Navigation, whether or not he/she mentions to China Navigation in the post.
  • To avoid stating his/her personal opinions or views in a way that may be interpreted as a public statement made on behalf of China Navigation.
  • To avoid using social media if possible during a time of crisis for China Navigation. In cases where social media usage is unavoidable, its use should be for personal communication only and should not refer directly or indirectly to an incident in which the employee is involved.
2.3 Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and China Navigation regulations
To comply with laws and regulations, and China Navigation regulations, and not to infringe any intellectual property right or other right of others.
2.4 To be honest and responsible
  • To be responsible for what he/she has posted.
  • To realize that his/her post may be seen by an unspecified large number of people and respect that readers/viewers may make their own individual interpretations on his/her post.
  • To be aware that emotional communication in a crisis situation (for example a casualty situation on board one of our managed vessels) is very likely to prolong unnecessary commentary, increase misunderstanding and make the situation worse.
  • To respect the rights of the person he/she is posting about and the opinions of his/her readers.
  • Not to post anything that offends accepted social standards of decency.
2.5 To respect the confidentiality of certain information
  • Not to post any personal or confidential business information about China Navigation or China Navigation’s stakeholders for example shareholders, principals, bankers, insurers, suppliers, Class Socs, Flag States, etc.
  • Not to post any information that is not publicly available and is learned in the course of his/her jobs.
2.6 To realize that information once posted online cannot be deleted
To make a post upon the understanding that information once posted online may be unable to completely deleted and may be publicly available for a long time.
2.7 To realize how fast information spreads online
To make a post upon the understanding that it is quite easy to copy and cite the information posted online and it may fast spread to other media.
3. To our Principals and other users of social media sites
3.1 China Navigation’s public social media accounts
With respect to the China Navigation’s public accounts, please see the China Navigation Social Media Account List.
Here we should list every public social media account the group has: eg Linkedin, FB, etc.
China Navigation Social Media Account List
3.2 Posting by other accounts
Please be aware that any post made by any Employee of China Navigation at other than on the China Navigation’s public accounts is not necessarily a public statement or view of China Navigation.


For over a century, the Swire group of companies, including The China Navigation Co Pte Ltd and Swire Pacific Ship Management Ltd (together referred to hereafter as “CNCo”), has been recognised as acting responsibly in the course of achieving its commercial success. Our reputation for fair dealing and integrity is a great asset: preserving this asset depends on maintaining our high standards.

CNCo’s Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to our stakeholders and puts our employees and Directors (all referred to hereafter as “Relevant Persons”) under specific obligations.

The Code of Conduct applies to all Relevant Persons of CNCo and its subsidiaries.

In order for you and everyone to have a better understanding, we hereby present you CNCo Corporate Code of Conduct (updated 2016) and CNCo Corporate Code of Conduct Do's and Don'ts.

Please get the new joiners and rejoiners to read this, and to follow the codes accordingly.

Please maintain a register after reading.

Thank you.

Integrity is a core value in CNCo, and respect in our workplace is required under CNCO’s Code of Conduct. We will ensure a welcoming, positive, and respectful work environment for all employees, regardless of age, gender, race, colour, disability or any other personal attribute. Additionally, increasing research shows that diverse teams perform better than non-diverse teams, on a range of metrics. It follows naturally that we encourage both diversity and equal opportunities.

CNCO aims to have a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we operate in and serve. Whilst not there yet, we are making good progress. It is not appropriate or necessary to set rigid or impractical quotas, but we have been actively working globally to be a more representative workforce.

Harassment and discrimination are never acceptable, and this is increasingly being enforced through legislation globally. We will always fully comply with all applicable employment and other laws and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or other breaches of applicable law/s.  If any employee does not comply with our policy or local law, they may face disciplinary action including but not limited to immediate dismissal. It is important to note that this includes harassment on social media.

A policy concerning proper respect for every individual is attached: Equal Opportunities, Diversity, Inclusion and Respect (“EODIR”) in the Workplace. As usual, a quick read “Dos and Don’ts” is also attached for ease of reference.

Please ensure that this EODIR policy is brought to the attention of ALL CNCo Group employees at your workplace, be it office, ship or warehouse on receipt, and that all our employees are aware of where they may find a copy.

We believe that all of our employees accept and already observe the respectful behaviour required under this policy, but ask that if you have any questions about any of the content, or witness any behaviour that is not consistent with this policy, please contact your People Department, your manager, or Myself.


Respectfully yours

Rob Bradshaw

General Manager - People


Hi Captains’,

Good Day to you all,

I would like to bring to your attention regarding the violation of the Smoking policy on board our ships.

Ship’s crew are once again reminded that policies are put in place to ensure their safety on board vessel and we will not tolerate any crew that does not adhere to our SMS and our procedures.

We wish to reiterate to all Masters that any crew found in non-compliance to our Smoking policy or any of our policies and procedures will be taken to task and may result in disciplinary action or may even lead to dismissal.

Masters are reminded to once again to explain the requirements of the policy to their crew.

Kindly also post up a copy of this notice on the ship’s notice board for all crew to read and understand.

·      Following that any crew found in non-compliance with our no smoking policy will first be given a verbal warning and same is to be logged in the Official  Log book. ( Strike 1)

·      Any further contraventions of the policy will result in a warning letter will be issued by the Master.  (Strike 2)

·      If still found not complying after the first 2 warnings. Pls. note that a termination letter ( Strike 3) will be issued and we will remove the said crew from the vessel on disciplinary grounds.

With this, we hope that all Masters will ensure that all crew are compliance to the NO SMOKING POLICY.

Hope to have informed you all accordingly.


Best Regards

Capt. Dominic Selvan

Senior Marine Personnel  Manager (SPSM)