Vessel Name Position Date
Fiesta BNE Open in Mid April

Martin Roche worked for 15 years on Tankers and tramp reefers. He came ashore after gaining his Masters’ certificate and after emigrating to Australia, joined BHP, in various capacities in stevedoring and both wet and dry chartering. He ran his own shipping and trading business for ten years before joining CNCo. He now heads up the CNCo bulk chartering operation in Melbourne. Martin adds 39 years to the shipping industry.

Ralph Theseira worked for 12 years on Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels and Tankers when upon attaining the rank of Captain he joined BHP as their Regional Chartering Manager in 1996. Besides BHP, he has worked in Chartering and Operations roles for various companies including AWB and Noble where the vessels he managed included Tankers - Oil, Gas and Chemical and Bulk Carriers – from Handy Size right through to Cape Size. Ralph adds 32 years in the shipping industry.